Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

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Rp 90,000

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Lazada Indonesia Okt 11, 2019

100% Original 1. Sebum control powder that allows for non-greasy, downy baby skin  Sebum absorption powder and mineral sebum control powder absorb excess sebum for a bright, downy skin as if presently putting on makeup.  2. Jeju natural minerals and mint for refreshing control of oil and moisture  Sebum absorption powder with Jeju natural minerals and mint restores an unhealthy balance of oil and moisture, leaving a refreshing finish.  3. Absorbing excess sebum and oil for downy makeup and an even skin tone  Absorbs excess sebum and oil to prevent makeup from becoming patchy, while correcting dull skin tone to keep the skin bright and radiant all day. How to use In the last stage of your daily skincare routine or makeup, use powder puff to gently apply onto entire face or sebum concentrated areas.

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