O.TWO.O Blush On Kosmetik / Makeup Cair Tahan Lama

Rp 43,478

Rp 110,000

60% off

Lazada Indonesia Okt 10, 2019

O.TWO.O Liquid Blush 1.The Texture Is Very Light--so you don't have to worry if you accidentally apply too much. It's sheer and buildable, and the color lasts long. 2.The Perfect Amount Of natural-looking Color--liquid blush effortlessly glides on skin for a lasting glow, ideal for mixing textures: layer over powder blush for high-impact color, or apply first for a diffused effect. Go with the glow. 3.A Silky Weightless Fluid--that creates a natural-looking, second-skin finish,Veil of color on the skin creates a healthy glow.

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