Xiaomi Walking Pad Smart Treadmill

Rp 8,500,000

Rp 8,500,000

Lazada Apr 23

Untuk C-o-d/Go-j-e-k di area tangerang / jakarta bisa langsung ke chat kita untuk lebih detailIt integrates into the “smart home” system, and on the same Xiaomi TV during the workout, the current statistics can be displayed.Xiaomi WalkingPad looks like an ordinary treadmill, although it does not particularly run. The speed range is from 0.5 to 6 kilometers per hour – this is the maximum quickest step. The design is designed for a load of up to 90 kg, the blade dimensions are 1200×415 mm.For beginners, the manufacturer recommends choosing a fixed speed mode, which can be adjusted using the wireless console from the kit. In automatic mode, the track is accelerated if the user moves to the front edge, and slows down if “trailing behind”.The attitude of light exercise eases the pressure of fast living.Minimal recognition of simple technology designHidden LED lights are clearly visible when walkingLighter and stronger Alunminum Alloy12.9cm Storage Thickness0.44m2 Floor Space

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